Cherry Blossom Inspiration

Mother nature is slowly gracing us with the presence of her good side here in the District. In D.C, spring comes with the highly anticipated cherry blossom season. The soft pinks present a romantic beauty perfect for bridal inspiration. Few people know that there is actually a beautiful story behind the planting of the cherry trees. In the 1900’s, cherry trees were presented as a gift to the United States from Japan, symbolizing friendship. How quaint would it be to have a cherry blossom inspired wedding to symbolize the marriage of two best friends!?!?

There are many unique ways to embody the elegance of these blooms in your wedding. Ceremony backdrops, ring pillows, and centerpieces all present opportunities to incorporate D.C.‘s signature flower into your big day. There is just no going wrong with a cherry blossom wedding!

Cherry Blossom Inspiration1.jpg