Finding the Right Wedding Photographer for You

Finding the Right Wedding Photographer for you by JoAnna Dee Weddings

This video, in my mini wedding video series, is all about finding the right photographer for you and your fiancé. If you were to do a generic Google search on "[City Name] wedding photographer" hundreds of local wedding photographers pop up. Sometimes the search for the perfect vendors can be overwhelming! 

Video by: ClickSpark 

I had the chance to meet with Serena from Love by Serena Photography to ask for her advice on what couples need to look for when searching for the right photographer. In the video, she touches on the importance of meeting with a few prospective photographers first. I completely agree with her! Each photographer has a different personality, style, and approach to their weddings. It is important that you feel comfortable with the person(s) shooting your wedding.

Here are a few integral questions to ask when you first meet your wedding photographer in person:

  • How do you make your couples more comfortable in front of the camera ? 
  • How do you capture low lit rooms?
  • What was your favorite wedding you got to photograph and why? 


How do you make your couples more comfortable in front of the camera? 

Maybe one of you is a bit camera shy. Or maybe you really would like natural smiling/laughing moments captured on your wedding day but are worried that you may feel uncomfortable or not know how to stand in front of the camera. Ask your prospective photographer what ways they help their couples feel confident and excited to be the center of attention on their big day. This will help you discover their communication and directing style. 

How do you capture low lit rooms? 

This question is all about lighting! You will learn their unique technique on how to leverage real/artificial lighting. Most receptions have dimmed lighting and you want to make sure those special reception moments are captured in a way that you will love and remember forever. Ask to see a few reception shots to see if their photography style is what you are looking for reguarding evening pictures. 

What was your favorite wedding you got to photograph and why?

This question helps you learn about your photographer on a deeper level. Their answer will help you learn more about their passion for wedding photography, what style photography describes them as a professional, and the personally traits the couple had that really made their relationship click. 

After you have narrowed down your photographer list to your two favorites, take the time to meet with them as a couple! Get to know each other.. and I promise when you will develop a more meaningful relationship (rather than e-mail) which will make your wedding day that much more special.