Wedding Cinematography- Wedding Moments You Will Want Captured

I am SUPER excited to unveil my wedding mini-video series with ClickSpark! Why did I decide to start a mini-video series? Through my chosen profession, I have the privilege of working with highly talented vendors & artists in the wedding industry. They hold a wealth of knowledge in their areas of expertise and I wanted to showcase them in a creative way where brides all over the nation could get some real authentic advice... in essence, I'm trying to give you guys an inside view to the world of wedding planning. Through this video series, I hope that you can gain some ideas that you have not previously thought of.

First up in the series, I had the chance to hang out with Lee from ClickSpark to chat about a few unique wedding moments you will DEFINITELY want captured on video for your wedding day!

Father Daughter Wedding First look | Amelia Johnson Photography | JoAnna Dee Weddings

The traditional highlights of weddings, such as your first kiss/dance, are moments that you will want to cherish. But have you ever thought of your mom's reaction to watching your father/daughter dance? Or making sure your first look is covered from multiple angles to guarantee that both your AND your fiancé's first reaction are captured on camera? 

The most common label for the team that captures your wedding on video is a "videographer." Lee challenges the term and encourages brides to look for filmmakers who emphasize cinematography. He strives to fully tell a couple's love story and believes that there is more to filming a wedding than putting together the standard "montage." Lee stresses the importance of capturing unique and special moments throughout the wedding day.

Disclaimer: I am a sucker for wedding videos. I seriously cry every time I watch one. Yep. Every. Single. Time. It is such a precious keepsake and a way for you to watch the natural narrative of your special day. I highly encourage every bride to consider an investment in videography/cinematography for their wedding day!