Free Printable Ceremony Readings

True Story: At the rehearsal of one wedding I coordinated, we arranged for the readers to read from a green book that the pastor provided. We bookmarked the readings and had them set on the podium ready to go for the next day. Easy right?! Well, after we left, the pastor tidied up the church and put the book in its normal spot. 

Mid ceremony the next day, one of the readers comes to the back of the church were I was, and said, "The green book is missing from the podium!  I don't have a copy of my reading. What should I do?!"

So we quickly Googled the reading. Our phones didn't have awesome reception that day and were taking FOREVER to load!! Finally, it was her turn to read. I remember her walking up to the front of the church still having an empty screen on her phone. Just in the nick of time, my phone loads, and I walk up casually on the side, meeting her at the podium. She was able to do her reading without anyone knowing what happened! 

From then on, I have ALWAYS carried an extra printout of ceremony readings for each wedding that I coordinate

For that reason, I have created these speaker friendly ceremony reading printouts so you can always have a backup ready to go! Each has large fonts and speaking pauses incorporated into the format to make it as easy on the ceremony reader as possible. They are PDF versions and are iPad and printer friendly. 

I hope you enjoy!

Click HERE to view the full speaker friendly ceremony reading library (over 15 wedding ceremony readings!)