You got the bling... Let's plan this thing!

Congratulations on your engagement! Your fiancé did good with the ring, now it is finally your turn to plan the wedding of your dreams. But where to start?! There are a lot of details that go into planning a wedding and you might feel overwhelmed to start. Don't worry, I have 3 easy tips for you to start the planning process. 

Tip 1: Think Backwards!

Pretend that it is a month after your wedding. What did you and your guests enjoy/remember the most? Every bride will have a different answer, and that’s ok. When you do this exercise you will realize that a handful of things might surface right away. Start off your planning with those items.


"What will your wedding guests remember the most?"


Tip 2: “I’m Willing to Splurge on…”

Identify what 2 items you are willing to splurge on to create your dream wedding. Usually these will be high ticket items like a photographer, dress, or a reception venue. Begin booking/purchasing these items early on in the planning process. Over your engagement you will realize how fast your budget goes. If you wait too long book or purchase these splurging items, chances are that you are likely to go over your budget in the end.

Tip 3: Brand your Wedding! (free download below)

Branding your wedding combines three different components:

  • color palette
  • your initials/monogram
  • 3 words that would describe your wedding

It is a fun little exercise for you and your hubby-to-be to do together! Download this free "Brand your Wedding" worksheet to fill in the blanks. If you download the Word format, simply change the colors in the squares to match your color palette and add text boxes above the lines to fill in the blanks. Play around with different fonts to your monogram to find a style all your own!



FREE Downloads:


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