5 Gifts Brides Actually Want

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5 Gifts Brides Actually Want | JoAnna Dee Weddings

We have all been to bridal showers or engagement parties where we face the question, "What should I get them?" You want to give something meaningful, economically efficient, unique, etc. It's a tough task, and it often leads to the dreaded gift card. However, I have a remedy for your problem. Here comes Etsy to the rescue! I have come across 5 really unique gifts that all brides would LOVE to have. 

 1. A Countdown "I Do" Calendar! 

This is a gift that a bride will touch every day of their engagement! It is not a gift that will be bubble wrapped and tucked into a closet but something that the bride will think of you every time she turns the blocks. 

Etsy Shop: Kearydee


 2. Thumbprint Guestbook 

This one won't work in every instance, but it will usually be perfect. By the time you get to whatever bridal party you are attending, it's highly unlikely that the couple has put any thought into their guest book.  Give them an awesome thumbprint tree or, for a fun twist, purchase this balloon print from the Disney movie "Up" to add the perfect personal touch to their wedding.

If the bride already had something different in mind for her guest book, this could be just a fun interactive station on a side table at cocktail hour. It's a win/win all around!

Don't forget the ink pads!

Etsy shop:  fancyprints

Etsy shop: fancyprints

3. Custom Signage

If you want a gift that will cause all the attendees to let out an "awww," try a customized wooden sign. It is an affordable option that will end up being displayed in a special place in the couple's new home.

Etsy shop:   earlybirdink

Etsy shop: earlybirdink

Etsy shop:   CarovaBeachCrafts

Etsy shop: CarovaBeachCrafts

4. Bride & Groom Forks

These are just flat out adorable. Made by my friends Lauren & Dean from BlockandHammer, these forks can add the perfect little touch to the couple's new life together. You can choose from a variety of fonts and sayings. Here are some Fork engraving ideas:

"Mr. & Mrs."

"Bride & Groom"

"I Do & Me Too"

"Hubby & Wifey"

Etsy shop:  BlockandHammer

Etsy shop: BlockandHammer


Here's a gift that any bride would enjoy and wear... a monogrammed necklace! This is a perfect way to get the bride all giddy again about her new initials after the wedding. Find these in silver, gold, or rose gold in a variety of chain lengths. This is just too darling to pass up!

What other cleaver/meaningful gifts have you given to a bride during an engagement party or a bridal shower? Let's here them in the comments below!