Scheduling Wedding Hair & Makeup- What you Should Know

Kate Erin Hair and Makeup Stylist

Today is all about beauty! I chatted with beauty expert Kate Hodges from Kate Erin Beauty Styles, LLC to get the answers to all of your wedding hair & makeup questions. I think we came up with some pretty helpful tips for all of you brides-to-be! Here is everything you should know when scheduling your hair & makeup for your wedding day:

On average, how long should brides plan to schedule each updo? 

(For Onsite Stylings - When the stylist travels to the bridal party) I can usually get updos done in 45 mins for everyone but the bride will always take me a full hour. 

Photo by:  Anna Bayliss

(In Salon Stylings - When the bridal party travels to a salon) In the salon, we have set time slots for every appointment. 

  • Bridal trial & day of  - 1 hour 15 mins - 1 hour 30 mins
  • Bridesmaids - 1 hour for updo
  • Mothers - 1 hour for updo
  • 45 for short hairstyle

The reason why we set these long time blocks is because we are trained and educated to pay attention to detail. For example,

  • When did you wash wash your hair?
  • What products did you put in your hair
  • Did you blow dry, air dry, straighten, curl?
  • What style would you like?

All of these factors go into determining how long it will take to create a final look.

Just because someone decided to do a half up/half down or simple side pinned back doesn't mean it's a 20 minute style. There is a specific way we set hair with our irons to make it hold a curl or style (think 1920's-60's rollers and formed curls, but updated).

Average beauty scheduling times
Scheduling Bridal Hair
Scheduling Bridesmaid Hair
Scheduling Bridal Makeup
Scheduling Bridal Makeup

What is your recommended stylist to bridesmaid ratio? 

Photo by:  Anna Bayliss

Photo by: Anna Bayliss

(Onsite) It depends on the amount of time we are working with. If I only have 2-3 hours, I will bring one or two girls with me. 

(Salon) We book as many bridesmaids as we have available stations (for us it is usually 10) 


What are helpful things for the stylist to know prior to the appointment? 

Photo by:  Anna Bayliss

Photo by: Anna Bayliss

We need to know as many details as you can give us so we can provide you with the best service possible. We are all artists, and you are our canvases!

  • What is your theme?
  • Colors?
  • What textures are in your dress?
  • Is your husband tall or shorter than you? I don't like to add 3 inches of curl and puff if it is going to make you tower over him!

I love when I have a practice bridal style and it says in the notes "wants soft low updo" or "extra long hair." It just gets me in the right frame of mind.  

Bring in a picture of yourself that you love! I love to see pictures of people when they feel their prettiest. It gives me a good idea of how much makeup and curl and height I can get away with :) 

Keep in mind that Pinterest pictures might not always be the best for your hair. Blonde updos look completely different on dark brunettes. If you know you have pin straight hair, and you bring in a picture of a girl with natural tight curls, or you know your hair is frizzy and red and you being in a picture of a shiny black haired updo, it just isn't going to be the same effect.


On average, how long should brides plan for each makeup appointment to take?

(Onsite) When I come to you, I will spend at least 1 hour on the bride. The amount of time spent on everyone else completely depends on their age, skin type, what they want, etc. Faux lashes are tedious and even though I can do them fast, they don't always apply perfectly when I need them to. 

(Salon) We book: Bridesmaids & Moms - 45 mins

It is very rare that I ever finish early at the salon because I know I have the time. Please do not bring a picture off of Instagram or Pinterest and then tell me you need to make sure you are out of the building in 30 mins. Those artists spend hours on their model's eyes alone! Pinterest is my best and worst friend. 


What eyelash brand is your favorite to use and why?

I find that different brands are good for different looks. Strip or band lashes need to be a better quality than what you can get at most stores. I love Mac's band lashes, Ardell, and Flutter Lashes. For a softer look I like to apply the smaller clusters to most girls. I can control how open I make your eye, how winged it appears, doe eyes, etc. I use a combination of both most days. 

Ardell Fake Eyelashes - Wedding Beauty


Any other tips/advice you would like to share!

Practice appointments are SO important. Be honest with us. Trust me, we can take it. But if we give you an opinion or suggestion, take a second to listen to why we say something. Also remember, not all stylists and salons are the same. I work in a salon where we are required to spend a minimum number of hours every SEASON in classes. I have been there for 12+ years and am also a traveling freelance makeup artist. I go to New York, Chicago, Fashion Week, and have my own business.

It is not rude to ask how much experience someone has before booking your appointment. Ask to see a portfolio or pictures from the salon. We have a salon iPad that we keep out so clients can see our updos, colors, makeup ect.  We will do almost anything to achieve that, so tell us EXACTLY what you are thinking. 

We LOVE our jobs! There is nothing more satisfying than a bride who turns around and tears up and says "it's perfect".

Remember that YOU need to love your hair and makeup, not your friend, mother, or sister. If you must bring a second opinion to practice runs for support, that's great! Just keep in mind it is YOUR wedding, not your mother's, so don't just settle because she doesn't like winged eyeliner and red lips. (It's classic!)


Photography in post by: Anna Bayliss, LLC