Laguna Beach Wedding Recap

Fun Fact: The majority of the weddings I coordinate are out of state weddings! 

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Laguna Beach, CA to coordinate an intimate, beautiful wedding for Caroline & Marco. I want to share all of the behind the scenes action and show you why their wedding was so special. 

Location location location!

Laguna Beach. Wow. Everywhere you turn in the town of Laguna, gorgeous and glistening Pacific Ocean is smiling back at you. The mountainside are positioned like puzzle pieces so that all of the residents can get in on the incredible ocean views. The vibe is beachy and laid back. Caroline and Marco picked the perfect setting to match the atmosphere they were wanting for their wedding.

About 30 years ago, Caroline's parents got married in Laguna Beach. This lovely couple decided they too would get married on the California coast. The attendees flew in from all over the U.S. and the groom's family traveled all the way from Italy to join in the celebration! Everyone that came to the wedding was able to relax, take in the beautiful scenery, and enjoy a quaint vacation along with the main event that was the wedding on Sunday night. 

Their ceremony was held at St. Francis by the Sea, the second smallest cathedral in the WORLD! I loved it! The church only held 40 people and we had 41 in attendance. The full pews made the wedding feel even more special. I think that a venue filled close to capacity lends a celebratory air to any event!

It's the Groom's Day Too!

You know how it's a tradition for the groom not to see the bride in her wedding dress until wedding day? In a touch of Italian flair, Marco switched it up on Caroline and kept his outfit a secret until wedding day too! Adding another touch of Italy to the wedding day, Marco followed a specific Italian custom at the ceremony. As would happen back in Italy, he walked his mother down the aisle accompanied by their own music processional.

As soon as I sent Marco and his Mother down the aisle, I went outside to prep the bride and her father. Outside of the cathedral, I found one of the sweetest moments I've witnessed in my time as a wedding coordinator.

Caroline and her dad were practicing their walk down the aisle together. Since the church was so tiny, two people couldn't fit in the aisle side by side. They had a waltz-like journey down the aisle; Caroline was first, her father holding her shoulder and escorting her by hand. It was the most precious moment I witnessed as they giggled together along the greenery corridor right outside of the church. 

For their reception, they chose Las Brisas Restaurant to host a great meal with even better Pacific sunset views. The tables were adorned with soft pink rose arrangements made with love by her mother. 

This wedding was perfectly simple and understated. The bride, groom, venue and Pacific seascape provided all of the beauty that any wedding deserves. The day was focused on what mattered the most; that Caroline & Marco were taking a wonderful step forward and joining their lives together. That is how every wedding should be. Forget about every detail being perfect... focus on how much joy the day itself brings, and celebrate with your closest family and friends. 

Mr. & Mrs. Clark (parents of the bride) win for best hosts for their event. They were extremely accommodating to all of their guests and I am eternally grateful for having had the opportunity to coordinate their daughter's wedding. I loved every second of hanging out with them. 

Wedding Coordinator: JoAnna Dee Weddings // Photography: Aga Jones Photography // Hair & Makeup: Kacee Geoffroy // Dress: BHLDN // Ceremony: St. Francis by the Sea // Reception Venue: Las Brisas Restaurant // Ceremony Strings: Subito Strings